PV Reefs prides itself in the aquaculture and cultivation of different marine corals. Whether it be Zoas or SPS our goal is to share the best quality corals at a reasonable price. Like most vendors, we started off as hobbyists and in turn made it a business with over a decade's worth of experience. We grow and learn every day from this ever-changing hobby and are committed to offering a high-quality product. We started off as hobbyists so we know what you are looking for.



Free shipping on all orders over $400! Flat rate shipping is $45 or $25 within Florida.

All shipments are shipped using FedEx priority overnight shipping, most shipments arrive on or before 10:30 am. Some rural areas have a commitment time of 12:30 pm or as late as 4:30 pm. Next day shipments are not "guaranteed" to arrive on time. PV Reefs cannot be held
responsible for mechanical or weather delays that may cause the shipment to arrive late. No credits or refunds will be given on shipping under any circumstance. We do not ship before or during major holidays.

Orders canceled before being shipped can be refunded, please allow 1-2 weeks for this to appear on your billing statement. Once an order is shipped all purchases are final. We can hold corals for up to one week once payment is received before shipping out.

We are not responsible for errors in acclimation and general coral care (lighting, flow, temperature, water chemistry). If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. 


We ship with heavy-duty bags and insulated boxes that are temperature controlled with heat or ice packs depending on the situation.

We guarantee all livestock to arrive alive and as described. In the case of a DOA (dead on arrival), a picture must be sent via email within the first two hours of receiving the coral. Do not throw away any corals, we may ask for you to provide pictures. PV Reefs has the right to decline DOA coverage. The buyer MUST be at the location to receive the delivery. Once a DOA is approved you will receive a credit
towards a future order valid for 6 months.

Shipping charges are non-refundable.

If possible we will ship a replacement coral with another order.